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Learn About the Many Uses of Chequer Plate

What is Chequer Plate?

Checker plate, tread plate or durbar floor plate is the term given to sheet metal that has distinctive raised marks on the surface. Chequer Plate Direct specialise in ‘5 Bar Tread’ which is a pattern consisting of 5 raised bars arranged in an alternating pattern. Other designs include diamond plate.

Treadplate is commonly made from aluminium in a range of thicknesses. The pattern is usually raised upwards around 1.5mm high.

LIt has great machinability properties which allow easy cutting, shaping, forming and bending. The most popular thicknesses (1.5mm and 2mm) can be shaped and moulded by everyday DIY tools such as ordinary drill bits, hacksaws and metal cutters. Sheets can be provided cut and bent to your requirements.

Aluminium Chequer Plate Trailer

The easy machinability makes it a popular solution for DIY truck beds, truck footplates and trailer floors as well as ambulance floors, car and 4×4 boots. The high durability and toughness protects the vehicles paintwork and carpeting within boot spaces and trailers and looks great. The raised 5 bar tread has a very distinctive appearance thanks to its natural shine and rust-free properties. It’s easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance. The raised pattern also provides good anti-skid properties ideal for loading trailers on foot.

'Protects against any damages'

These factors also ensure the tread plate is great for industrial use. Whether it be Stairs, walkways, ladder treads or even ramps, tread plate can and is used everywhere in everyday life. 

Factory workers climbing up companionway ladders with chequer plate treads, vehicles drive across yards with checker plate loading bays.

 If installed and supported properly, checker plate is capable of taking heavy loads. Thicker sheets are recommended but even this is easy and cost-effective to come across. 

3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm and even 6mm tread plate are available for use in these industrial settings.


'Chequer Plate is a highly versatile material'

Outside of these industrial uses, tread plate can be used as architectural elements and decoration while also offering great protection. Aluminium sheets are installed onto walls in weight lifting areas of gyms to protect against any damages by heavyweights, they provide ideal protection for commercial shopping areas where high footfall is present. Shoppers with heavy bags, shopping trolleys and suitcases can easily damage unprotected paintwork and wall surfaces resulting in a worn and tired appearance. A cost-effective measure to prevent this would be to fit 1.5mm aluminium plate to the walls which can be easily wiped clean and replaced with little to no effort. It is also ideal for disability and access ramps.

Chequer Plate can also be fitted to warehouse doors to protect against heavy general wear from users opening swing doors using trolleys or even as a kick-plate for those doors opened with feet if hands are full in environments such as restaurants and cafes with waiters and waitresses constantly accessing the doors to the kitchen.

The aluminium sheet is ideal for use in situations requiring high hygiene levels due to the easy maintenance and corrosion-resistant properties. In most cases, dirt can be easily brushed or wiped away. Stubborn stains can be removed with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. It can even be hosed down if required!

Chequer Plate is a highly versatile material with a wide variety of uses, applications and options. From transport, factory, commercial, residential to schools, shops and elevators.