Day: 22 July 2019

Chequer Plat for Q flooring systems | Chequer Plate Direct

Chequer Plate for Q flooring systems

Chequer Plate for Q flooring systems

Q Flooring Systems ordered two lots of 5 Bar Tread Chequer Plate sheets from us for their PermaFloor flooring system. These Chequer Plate sheets were ordered in sizes 300 x 860 and 80 x 250, both 4.5mm thick.

PermaFloor is a 15mm thick magnesium oxychloride screed from Q Flooring Systems Ltd incorporating the highest quality raw materials and fillers.

PermaFloor is intended for use in dry areas and can be installed over a wide range of existing floor finishes including concrete, granolithic, steel tiles and ceramics. Many types of industry benefit from the use of PermaFloor and include Engineering, Automotive, Aircraft, Armaments, Electronics and Warehousing. Recently PermaFloor has become increasingly popular in the commercial sector especially art galleries.



Chequer Plate for Commerical Properties | Chequer Plate Direct

Best ideas for use of Chequer Plate in your commercial property

Best ideas for use of Chequer Plate in your commercial property

When it comes to keeping your commercial property safe and secure, as well as making it easy to keep tidy, there are a lot of options that can be considered. One option which is especially useful is using a chequer plate. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the best ideas for how you can use chequer plate on your commercial property.

Anti Skid flooring

This premise is very similar to the first one and focuses on keeping your customers as safe as possible while they’re on your property. If there is chequer plate flooring down, customers and even staff can navigate the various terrains on the site with confidence and ease, as the risk of injuring themselves is significantly reduced. 

Protective surfaces

Another way that you can use your chequer plates is to use them as a protective surface. If there are parts of the building which are going to be worn down over time, it can make the building look untidy, or it can become a hazard for people. Chequer plates can be secured over parts of your building which will be susceptible to wear and tear, to keep them from degrading over time.

Access ramps

When it comes to your building, you naturally want to allow as many people as possible to have access to your property so they can interact with you and use your services or purchase goods. 
Having chequer plate access ramps will enable people who struggle with steps to enter the property, without the risk of injuring themselves.


This may seem crazy, but you can even use the chequer plates as a feature for your property. Some people have used them as wall decorations or garage floors, others have transformed them into pots. How you use them for decor is your choice, but there are lots of options available. 
Overall, these are just a few ideas that your chequer plates can be used for in your commercial property. The chequer plate can be a handy resource and will ensure that you can protect people from the risk of slipping or can be used as a decorative piece if you so choose. Chequerplate Direct has all the supplies you’ll need to install the plates into your commercial property, regardless of how you decide to use them.

Chequer Plate for Rabbit | Chequer Plate Direct

Chequer Plate for a Rabbit Pen

Chequer Plate for Rabbit Pen

This customer purchased a sheet of our 5 Bar Chequer Plate for her Rabbit Pen. The 2mm thick, 500mm x 1000mm Chequer Plate was used to ‘bunny-proof’ the litter corners for their rabbits. The Chequer Plate was put down for any occasional accidents that may occur out of the litter tray, as it is a lot easier to clean than carpet.

The Chequer Plate is also a lot cooler for the rabbits, so they like to lie down on it. The edges of the plate were buffed out easily to make it safe for the rabbits. 

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What To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Commercial Flooring?

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Commercial Flooring?

Choosing the right commercial flooring is an important and long-term decision. And requires some preparation and research. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration during this process. We have put the most important points for you in this article.

The purpose of the area

Each floor area will have specific requirements. It is important to match the material you chose for the environment it will be placed in. Heavy traffic areas, like hallways and retail outlets, will need a more durable material than an office, where only the employees will walk in and out. A toilet area will need a water-resistant floor. But a factory floor will need a surface that can deal with heavy load objects like forklift trucks and machines moving about. Hygiene requirements also influence the decision. A restaurant kitchen or hospital will need a floor that is easy to clean. And maybe even have antibacterial and antimicrobial additives incorporated.

Aesthetics and Design

In many cases architectural choices are made while keeping the overall design in mind. Incorporating company colours and logos can be the right decision in some areas. For other situations, especially in the areas exposed to frequent pedestrians, it will not be the best choice. And of course, with all the millions of options there are, it is very tempting to go for something more edgy or contemporary.


The initial cost of purchasing and fitting the flooring is only the beginning. And even though this is an important part of the decision process, it should not end there. Sometimes choosing a more expensive option might turn out less expensive in the future. Chequer plate flooring might not only be easier to install, but also will need less maintenance and last longer.

Health & Safety

Especially in areas where people can walk in with wet shoes (unfortunately here, in the UK, we are regularly doused in rain), or where there is the possibility of the occasional spillage that could make the floor slippery, it is important to keep Health & Safety in mind.

It is vital to investigate the possibility of getting a flooring that is slip resistant in areas where there could be a safety problem. Keep your customers, employees, suppliers and yourself safe.

Foremost in restaurant kitchens and hospitals it is important to get it right. Floors need to be anti-slip, easy to clean and sanitise. There can’t be any cracks as germs and bacteria will happily grow there, besides causing trip hazards.


A rather forgotten fact is that carpets collect dirt easier than any other type of floor finish. And even when cleaned regularly, these dirt particles get disturbed and start circulating in the air. People who suffer from asthma or allergies might be affected by such type of floor. Hard floors are much easier to clean and will definitely help improve air quality.

The usual wear and tear can also take its toll on your floor. And accidental damages can occur too. Is it possible to repair or replace part of the flooring? Or will you have to replace the entire floor?

Besides repairs it is also important to keep the floor looking presentable. Especially if your customers frequently visit your premises. Is there a treatment to make your floor look like new again, without having to go through lengthy, invasive and expensive procedures? A clean and well-maintained building will give a very good impression towards your customers. If you take care of your working environment, your customers will trust you to take care of them too.


How much use will the floor get? Heavy footfall or heavy machinery will be much more demanding on your floor. Commercial floors need to be durable and long lasting. Maybe this will limit the choices that you have, but it is well worth paying attention to this.

Our recommendation

There are only a few types of flooring that can take care of all the above-mentioned points. Our Checker Plate Flooring and Antimicrobial Checker Plate can take away most worries.

In summary, there are numerous things to keep in mind when choosing the flooring for all the different areas on your premises. We are happy to help guide you through the decision process. Just give us a call.