Portable Aluminium Bridge Ramps


Portable Aluminium Bridge Ramps

We specialise in portable aluminium bridge ramps designed for wheelchair access over door thresholds. These lightweight ramps are easy to handle and transport, providing a smooth transition between different levels such as entrances, exits, and building areas.

Our aluminium bridge ramps are essential equipment that ensures individuals with mobility impairments can access buildings and facilities. By enabling wheelchair users to navigate door thresholds effortlessly, these ramps promote inclusivity and equal access to various spaces.

A simple solution for your access needs

Although bridge ramps can be used in many different use cases, our ramps are designed specifically for pedestrian and wheelchair access.

They are typically made of a single piece of aluminium alloy, which is shaped into a bridge-like shape. The surface of the ramp is covered with a chequer plate pattern which provides additional traction and reduces the risk of slipping, especially during wet and/or slippery conditions. 

Key benefits include:

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