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Best ideas for use of Chequer Plate in your commercial property

Best ideas for use of Chequer Plate in your commercial property

When it comes to keeping your commercial property safe and secure, as well as making it easy to keep tidy, there are a lot of options that can be considered. One option which is especially useful is using a chequer plate. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the best ideas for how you can use chequer plate on your commercial property.

Anti Skid flooring

This premise is very similar to the first one and focuses on keeping your customers as safe as possible while they’re on your property. If there is chequer plate flooring down, customers and even staff can navigate the various terrains on the site with confidence and ease, as the risk of injuring themselves is significantly reduced. 

Protective surfaces

Another way that you can use your chequer plates is to use them as a protective surface. If there are parts of the building which are going to be worn down over time, it can make the building look untidy, or it can become a hazard for people. Chequer plates can be secured over parts of your building which will be susceptible to wear and tear, to keep them from degrading over time.

Access ramps

When it comes to your building, you naturally want to allow as many people as possible to have access to your property so they can interact with you and use your services or purchase goods. 
Having chequer plate access ramps will enable people who struggle with steps to enter the property, without the risk of injuring themselves.


This may seem crazy, but you can even use the chequer plates as a feature for your property. Some people have used them as wall decorations or garage floors, others have transformed them into pots. How you use them for decor is your choice, but there are lots of options available. 
Overall, these are just a few ideas that your chequer plates can be used for in your commercial property. The chequer plate can be a handy resource and will ensure that you can protect people from the risk of slipping or can be used as a decorative piece if you so choose. Chequerplate Direct has all the supplies you’ll need to install the plates into your commercial property, regardless of how you decide to use them.

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