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Can you paint Chequer Plate?

You’re able to paint Aluminium Chequer Plate however, it needs to be properly prepped beforehand. Please read the steps below for more information.

Step 1)
Aluminium will have ‘tarnish’ on the top of it, this needs to be removed. Start by scrubbing it with a brush, preferable one with a rough edge. An example would be your toilet bowl cleaner. Then give the Aluminium a good rinse with water.

Step 2)
Next, allow it to dry. You can wipe it over however, you will have to leave it to air dry as well. For the next step the Aluminium will need to be 100% dry.

Step 3)
Spray paint the Aluminium completely. This will serve as a primer coating. Make sure you thoroughly spray 100% of the Aluminium sheet.

Step 4)
You must now let the paint dry. Do not do anything else until it is 100% dry, this may take a while.

Step 5)
Add a second coat of spray paint moving in the same pattern you did previously. This coating will be your final coating and will add further durability and brightness to your painted aluminium sheet.

Step 6)
Allow paint to dry and you’re done! You’re able to coat it multiple times however, it is not needed.

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