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What are Door Kick Plates and the Benefits?

What are your first thoughts that come to mind of Door Kick Plates?

Personally the first thoughts are health care environments and supermarkets spring to mind. Door Kick plates can be a vital detail to any door, that can prolong the material of the door,protects from kicks and knocks, as well as save maintenance money in the long term.

In the most recent years, they have been increasing in popularity in home interior.  As people’s lifestyles are becoming more fast-paced and demanding more efficiency, door kick plates allow you to enter your home unbothered quickly and efficiently. For example, if you have your hands full of groceries, books, luggage or even children, it is natural for some to kick the door open. 

This practical design feature not only protect against kicks but anything else that knocks the bottom of the door. For instance: strollers, toys, and anything else knocking. 

If you are still wondering whether to investing in door protection, then maybe consider how often you or anyone else uses their feet to open the door and how often the bottom of the door gets hit . You will probably notice that it happens more than you thought.

Not only do door kick plates offer the added protection, but they can also transform your front door. Having a nice aluminium, chequer plate or even solid brass component can really create a front door make a strong first impression.

'Door kick plates not only protect against kicks but anything else that knocks the bottom of the door'

Check out some examples below or get some inspiration from our door kick plate board on Pinterest!

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Ideas & Inspiration using Chequer Plate

When it comes to Chequer Plate, the multi-use material can renovate, improve or add a new lease of life to any object or interior. Many of these examples are simple to replicate.Seek professional help if welding and advanced bending is required. 

Here are a Couple of Inspirational Ideas

Since the rise in modern industrial style, there has been an increase in the use of metal used for the interior. Whether it’s for furniture or architectural features, the versatile material brings in style and often livens up an otherwise boring and uninspired space/furnishings. This up-cycled bedside table will create a new feature point for any room.  

Visit our Pinterest for more chequer plate ideas

Using a chequer plate for small details around the house such as giant lettering to make a stylish sign, coat hooks or even adding to light switches to give them a little more excitement. These ideas are great for entertaining spaces, workshops or even a man cave .

The raised diamond pattern that features on the chequer plate, has the added benefit to many projects. It increases safety by improving the grip and makes it ideal for exterior projects such as this seating area.


At Checker plate Direct, we are now offering BioCoted Chequered Tread plate, making it ideal for kitchens. 

Read more about Biocote Antimicrobial Technology here.

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Can you paint Chequer Plate?

You’re able to paint Aluminium Chequer Plate however, it needs to be properly prepped beforehand. Please read the steps below for more information.

Step 1)
Aluminium will have ‘tarnish’ on the top of it, this needs to be removed. Start by scrubbing it with a brush, preferable one with a rough edge. An example would be your toilet bowl cleaner. Then give the Aluminium a good rinse with water.

Step 2)
Next, allow it to dry. You can wipe it over however, you will have to leave it to air dry as well. For the next step the Aluminium will need to be 100% dry.

Step 3)
Spray paint the Aluminium completely. This will serve as a primer coating. Make sure you thoroughly spray 100% of the Aluminium sheet.

Step 4)
You must now let the paint dry. Do not do anything else until it is 100% dry, this may take a while.

Step 5)
Add a second coat of spray paint moving in the same pattern you did previously. This coating will be your final coating and will add further durability and brightness to your painted aluminium sheet.

Step 6)
Allow paint to dry and you’re done! You’re able to coat it multiple times however, it is not needed.

Chequer Plate for Commerical Properties | Chequer Plate Direct

Best ideas for use of Chequer Plate in your commercial property

Best ideas for use of Chequer Plate in your commercial property

When it comes to keeping your commercial property safe and secure, as well as making it easy to keep tidy, there are a lot of options that can be considered. One option which is especially useful is using a chequer plate. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the best ideas for how you can use chequer plate on your commercial property.

Anti Skid flooring

This premise is very similar to the first one and focuses on keeping your customers as safe as possible while they’re on your property. If there is chequer plate flooring down, customers and even staff can navigate the various terrains on the site with confidence and ease, as the risk of injuring themselves is significantly reduced. 

Protective surfaces

Another way that you can use your chequer plates is to use them as a protective surface. If there are parts of the building which are going to be worn down over time, it can make the building look untidy, or it can become a hazard for people. Chequer plates can be secured over parts of your building which will be susceptible to wear and tear, to keep them from degrading over time.

Access ramps

When it comes to your building, you naturally want to allow as many people as possible to have access to your property so they can interact with you and use your services or purchase goods. 
Having chequer plate access ramps will enable people who struggle with steps to enter the property, without the risk of injuring themselves.


This may seem crazy, but you can even use the chequer plates as a feature for your property. Some people have used them as wall decorations or garage floors, others have transformed them into pots. How you use them for decor is your choice, but there are lots of options available. 
Overall, these are just a few ideas that your chequer plates can be used for in your commercial property. The chequer plate can be a handy resource and will ensure that you can protect people from the risk of slipping or can be used as a decorative piece if you so choose. Chequerplate Direct has all the supplies you’ll need to install the plates into your commercial property, regardless of how you decide to use them.

Chequer Plate for Rabbit | Chequer Plate Direct

Chequer Plate for a Rabbit Pen

Chequer Plate for Rabbit Pen

This customer purchased a sheet of our 5 Bar Chequer Plate for her Rabbit Pen. The 2mm thick, 500mm x 1000mm Chequer Plate was used to ‘bunny-proof’ the litter corners for their rabbits. The Chequer Plate was put down for any occasional accidents that may occur out of the litter tray, as it is a lot easier to clean than carpet.

The Chequer Plate is also a lot cooler for the rabbits, so they like to lie down on it. The edges of the plate were buffed out easily to make it safe for the rabbits.