Antimicrobial Protected 5 Bar Tread Plate

Grade: 5754 Aluminium

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Antimicrobial Protected Chequer Plate manufactured from Aluminium 5 bar tread plate is a light-weight metal sheet with a regular pattern of raised diamonds. The sheet is coated in a highly effective Antimicrobial additives which has a negative effect on any contaminating microbes causing them to die.


  • Available in: 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm
  • Maximum length: 2500mm & maximum width: 1250mm
  • 5 bar pattern reduces risk of slipping
  • Extremely durable, light-weight aluminium
  • Protected by poly coating

Products protected by BioCote® antimicrobial technology will negatively affect bacteria that contaminate the surface through:

  • Protein Damage
  • Cell Membrane Damage
  • Oxidative Damage
  • DNA Interference


  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Doctor Surgery Wall Protection
  • Corner protection in Hospitals
  • Hygiene sensitive areas (Kitchens, restaurants, A&E)
  • Commercial Food Applications
  • Education and classroom walls
  • Door kick plates and door cladding
  • Home & leisure


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