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What Are Door Kick Plates? Have You Ever Noticed Them?

Well after this article, you will noticed door kick plates everywhere! 

Door kick plates can be found in the majority of commercial environments whether it’s supermarket, hotels or restaurants. They have been becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. They offer great protection, especially in busy areas where doors will experience wear and tear overtime. 

Kick Door plates are usually made from metal or plastic strips,  they cover vulnerable areas of doors, preventing denting or scratching. They can be found at the bottom of doors.

The term door kick plates can be seen as other variants such as; Finger Plates, Kick Plates and Coverings.

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What is the standard door width? 

720mm is the standard door width in the UK.

What thickness should I use? 

2mm Is the standard thickness used throughout the UK however, if going to be used regularly we recommend upping to 3mm or 4.5mm for a more heavy – duty resistance.

Where do I get help with my order? 

Please contact us at 

+44 (0) 1922 711474 or



Order Online


You’re able to order Door Kick Plates online here at Chequer Plate Direct. We allow the customer to have full control over the size of their order. 
Please visit – to order online. 
Alternatively you’re able to contact us if you have any bespoke requirements.

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