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How to order bespoke checker plate?

How to order bespoke checker plate?

How to order bespoke checker plate?

How to order bespoke chequer plate?

Surespan can provide a much wider range of services in regards to your metal plate needs. Using our wide range of machinery we can cut to size, bend to whatever angle you like, fold and pre-drill to your exact requirements.

“I want something bespoke, how do I order it?”

In order to provide a price we’ll need a drawing or sketch of your requirements. This can be as basic or complicated as you want, as long as there are the correct measurements for us to base a quote off. And please…. Include the unit of measurement!

“I’d like… a sheet with a lip around the edge!”

If you would like a lip around the edge of a 500 x 500 sheet you could draw something like this:

“I want bespoke corner guards”

Corner guards can be fairly straight forward, we have a range of standard sizes which come with a 90° bend down the middle however we can accommodate any size and angle. Our standard sizes start from 30 x 30 x 1000mm upwards to 50 x 50 x 2000mm (This is the length and the size of each width.) If you’d like a bespoke corner guard follow the drawings below for ideas wherever possible please provide the desired angle for the guard to be folded to. The below example use 90° and 45° bends.

“I want unusual shapes”

Chequer plate is generally available as aluminium which is an easy material to work with. However we have high tech laser cutter and high pressure water jets which can cut virtually any shape and thickness out of a sheet from hexagon to nonagon’s… We can also cut circular chequer plate sheets out for you.

See the example below, what do you think this was to be used for?

It was designed to be used as a table top!

“I need a chequer plate ramp!”

Chequer plate ramps have a number of dimensions which need to be taken into account. Please see the diagram below for the ramp specification.There are 5 dimensions we require:

  • A = The flat section at the top of the ramp (If required)
  • B = The height that the ramp has to span up to.
  • C = The length of slope 1 from top
  • D = The length of slope 2 from top
  • E = The width of the ramp

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