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Ideas & Inspiration using Chequer Plate

When it comes to Chequer Plate, the multi-use material can renovate, improve or add a new lease of life to any object or interior. Many of these examples are simple to replicate.Seek professional help if welding and advanced bending is required. 

Here are a Couple of Inspirational Ideas

Since the rise in modern industrial style, there has been an increase in the use of metal used for the interior. Whether it’s for furniture or architectural features, the versatile material brings in style and often livens up an otherwise boring and uninspired space/furnishings. This up-cycled bedside table will create a new feature point for any room.  

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Using a chequer plate for small details around the house such as giant lettering to make a stylish sign, coat hooks or even adding to light switches to give them a little more excitement. These ideas are great for entertaining spaces, workshops or even a man cave .

The raised diamond pattern that features on the chequer plate, has the added benefit to many projects. It increases safety by improving the grip and makes it ideal for exterior projects such as this seating area.


At Checker plate Direct, we are now offering BioCoted Chequered Tread plate, making it ideal for kitchens. 

Read more about Biocote Antimicrobial Technology here.

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