Install 'n' Share

And WIN £50 Amazon Voucher

How to apply

Welcome to our exciting competition, where you can showcase your photography skills for the chance to win a £50 Amazon Voucher! To enter, all you need to do is submit high-quality photos of an installed rooflight or roof lantern. Please note that duplicate photos will not be considered.

There are two ways to submit your entry. You can either email us your photo(s), or post them on social media using the hashtag #chequerplaitdirectinstallers. 


Terms & conditions

  • All photos supplied must be of good quality 
  • Any duplications will not be used
  • Offer only applies if the photos are used
  • Photo/s will be searched online

Submitting your photos

  1. Spot or install chequer plate
  2. Take the high quality photo
  3. Send it to us
  4. Receive £50 for every photo that is used