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Introducing new BioCoted Chequered Tread Plate

Introducing the all new Biocote technology with our Chequer Plate Wall in Sainsburys.

New BioCote® Antimicrobial Chequer Tread Plate

Biocoated Chequer Plate inside of Sainsburys

We are very excited to be able to introduce our new BioCote® Antimicrobial chequer tread plate to our customers. For many years we have been supplying Made to Measure aluminium chequer plates to the trade and general public. We offer a fully bespoke service, meaning that we can make the chequer plates in any size, shape and form you require. Every situation is different and so is every solution.

Our chequer plates have been used for many different purposes such as wall protection, corner guards, wheelchair access ramps, thresholds, staircase coverings, door bridges, ceilings and even decorative purposes.

We are always aiming to keep up with new technology so that we are able to supply our customers with all the best and most appropriate products. Therefore we have now decided to add the option of using the BioCote® Antimicrobial coating on our chequer plates.

Why use BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology?

There are many causes for the existence and growth of microbes such as bacteria and mould, poor cleanliness, recirculated air and the close proximity of occupants in areas are only a few examples.

By introducing the BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology to our aluminium chequer plates we can offer a lasting antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral protection. These specific traits are especially beneficial for our customers in the food and health industry and also those involved in education. A few examples are: hospitals, restaurants, laboratories, schools and nurseries.

BioCote® Antimicrobial additives are extremely diverse and control microbes via many different means. When used in the manufacture of our products they create surfaces inhospitable to microbes such as bacteria and mould. Therefore those products and the environments they are within are more hygienic.

BioCote® protected products help make any environment a cleaner and happier place to be. Once added to products, Biocote®’s Antimicrobial additives actively reduce the levels of microbes on those surfaces.

Contact a member of our team today on: +44 (0)1922 711 185 to discover more about how you can benefit from our new built in BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology.

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