Case Studies

Boat Impact Protection

Location: Florida

Products: 5 Bar Chequer Plate

Project: Protecting the stern of a boat with our manufactured chequer plate. Our client was having an issue with placing the engine on the stern due to constantly damaging the fibreglass of the boat. With the recommendations from our team, we were able to supply protection from accidental damage and increasing the protection from any crocodile threat.

Fact: Due to Crocodiles having a delicate underbelly, the chequer plate aggravates their underbelly.

Rabbit Hutch



2mm Thick

500mm x 1000mm Chequer Plate


A client approached our customer
service team requested a piece chequer plate for their rabbit pen. We delivered
a 2mm thick 500mmx1000mm chequer plate. Ideal for protecting surfaces and easy
to clean from any unsuspecting accidents. All the edges were buffed out making
it safe for the rabbits.

Bespoke Wedge Ramp

Ramp with wheels:



Bespoke Aluminium Wedge Ramp


At Chequer Plate Direct, we offer a highly competitive bespoke service.

A customer reached out to our service team requesting a bespoke project.

The customer with health problems had been experiencing access issues with their vehicle. 

A normal ramp wouldn’t have adequate as a result of the location and the requirement to relocate the ramp daily. Mobility and weight would have provided an issue.

With our dedicated team of designers and customer service, we were able to provide a bespoke aluminium wedge ramp, with wheels for easy movement and circular holes cut out to reduce the weight. 

Our customer was more than happy with his purchase.

Q Floor Systems




2 x 5 Bar Tread Chequer Plate

4.5 Thick




At Chequer Plate Direct, deliver a great B2B services which saw Q Flooring System requesting our 5 bar Tread Chequer Plate to utilise in PermaFloor flooring systems.

PermaFloor Systems is a 15mm thick magnesium oxychloride screeds, that can be installed over existing floor finishes including concrete, granolithic, steel tiles and ceramics.