Tree Pit Covers

Project: Tree Pit Covers Location: UK Client: Private

Where to use?

The tree pit cover is suitable for the outdoors and it offers a safe walking area in public spaces.

The sleek design can bring enhancement to any paved or landscaped area, where access to

the root ball and tree maintenance will be required.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides protection for the tree trunk, branches and leaves
  • Easy to remove the tree cover when using a lifting key
  • The tree cover helps with ongoing maintenance for trees
  • Durable for all types of seasons
  • Created pattern of choice provides easy access to water drainage
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion

Manufacturer Requirements

The aluminium floor covers are fast and easy to install. The modular nature of the system allows custom lengths and widths to be fabricated with choice of corner angles ideal for navigating around drainage pipes, brickwork and more. The top plates can be fabricated and finished with custom designs, patterns and laser engravings to your specification or choose from a range of pre-set patterns ideal for allowing additional water drainage. All designs are accurately cut onsite using our various CAD, CNC, Waterjet and laser cutting machinery.


As a company, we pride ourselves on giving the very best service at all times. We achieve this by remaining customer-focused and driven. Many of our tree pit covers have provided solutions for our customer’s needs. With our friendly staff and professional guidance, we remain committed to listening to our customers and responding to their requirements.

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