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What are Door Kick Plates and the Benefits?

What are your first thoughts that come to mind of Door Kick Plates?

Personally the first thoughts are health care environments and supermarkets spring to mind. Door Kick plates can be a vital detail to any door, that can prolong the material of the door,protects from kicks and knocks, as well as save maintenance money in the long term.

In the most recent years, they have been increasing in popularity in home interior.  As people’s lifestyles are becoming more fast-paced and demanding more efficiency, door kick plates allow you to enter your home unbothered quickly and efficiently. For example, if you have your hands full of groceries, books, luggage or even children, it is natural for some to kick the door open. 

This practical design feature not only protect against kicks but anything else that knocks the bottom of the door. For instance: strollers, toys, and anything else knocking. 

If you are still wondering whether to investing in door protection, then maybe consider how often you or anyone else uses their feet to open the door and how often the bottom of the door gets hit . You will probably notice that it happens more than you thought.

Not only do door kick plates offer the added protection, but they can also transform your front door. Having a nice aluminium, chequer plate or even solid brass component can really create a front door make a strong first impression.

'Door kick plates not only protect against kicks but anything else that knocks the bottom of the door'

Check out some examples below or get some inspiration from our door kick plate board on Pinterest!

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